Ensuring a Healthy Future: The Role of Cord Blood Banks in Dubai


Birthing a child is an extraordinary event for any parents and it is critical they make informed decisions for the wellbeing of the newborn, including saving stem cells from umbilical cord blood as an investment for future use. Cord blood banks in Dubai have taken on this responsibility efficiently and safely – this article investigates their quality assurance measures as well as safety protocols.

What Can We Expect When Cord Blood Banking Takes Place?

Cord blood banking involves collecting and storing umbilical cord and placental blood from newborn babies for use to treat various illnesses, thanks to cutting-edge cord blood banks in Dubai that specialize in this service. They ensure flexibility with quick responses for quality service provisioning.

Secured Transit: Ensuring the Safe Transport of Cord Blood

24/7 Collection Service

Time is of the essence when it comes to cord blood banking. The cord blood banks in Dubai operate around the clock, ensuring they are always available to collect cord blood immediately after birth.

Employing Local Expertise for Transit

Safety during transportation is paramount. By employing local drivers familiar with Dubai’s roads, these banks ensure that the cord blood is transported quickly and safely from the hospital to the laboratory.

Cell Viability Assurance: Keeping the Cells Alive and Healthy

A Narrow Time Frame

To ensure the viability of the stem cells, cord blood banks in Dubai consider a maximum of 48 hours for the cord blood to reach the laboratory. This narrow time frame ensures the cells remain viable.

Optimal Travel Conditions

Maintaining the right temperature is vital for the viability of the stem cells. Exposure to extreme temperatures can be detrimental. Cord blood banks in Dubai use high-quality reserves and optimal processes to maintain the ideal conditions during transportation.

Transparent Financials: No Hidden Fees

It’s essential to trust the service you are using, especially when it involves the health of your family. Trustworthy cord blood banks in Dubai operate transparently and do not charge any hidden fees.

Inventory Options: Private vs. Public Cord Blood Banks

Understanding the Difference

There are two types of cord blood banks in Dubai: private and public. Public cord blood banks store cord blood for the greater good and can be used by anyone in need. Private cord blood banks store the blood exclusively for your family, and you pay for this service.

Making an Informed Decision

While public banks have a noble cause, private banks may align more closely with your personal concerns. Knowing the difference helps in making an informed decision based on your preferences and needs.

Bedside Pick-up: Convenience at its Best

Cord blood banks in Dubai understand the importance of convenience for the family during childbirth. They ensure bedside pick-ups of the cord blood, meaning the family does not need to worry about transportation.

Conclusion: A Worthwhile Investment

Cord blood banking is an invaluable investment for your family. With the services provided by cord blood banks in Dubai, it’s effortless and safe. These banks take every measure to ensure that the cord blood is collected, transported, and stored under optimal conditions, safeguarding a healthy future for your family.


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