How to Add and Remove Someone from Instagram Group Chat – get complete details


Instagram group chats provide an effective way to stay in touch with friends and colleagues. Joining or leaving an Instagram group chat is easy – and in this article we’ll show you step-by-step how it’s done!

Steps for Joining an Instagram Group Chat Easily

  • Adding someone to an Instagram group chat is straightforward; follow these steps:

Launch Instagram and navigate to your direct messages, then tap the plus icon in the top right-hand corner. Add those you would like in your group chat by selecting them individually before tapping “Create Group” and giving it a name.
Once added to an Instagram group chat, anyone you add will receive a notification and can join the discussion.

Removing Someone From an Instagram Group Chat Need to remove someone from an Instagram group chat? Here’s how:

Launch Instagram and head directly into Direct Messages. When in Group Chats, open up one you wish to remove someone from. At the top right corner, tap “Group Name,” followed by “Remove People,” select your person of choice, and tap “Remove.” Finally tap “Remove” again before tapping “Confirm”.
Once a person has been removed from an Instagram group chat, they won’t be able to rejoin unless someone adds them back in.


That’s it! Joining or leaving an Instagram group chat is simple and straight-forward – now you can easily keep in touch with friends and colleagues on the platform without hassle!


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