How to Check Apple AirPods Original with Serial Number – All things you need to know


If you recently bought Apple AirPods but are uncertain whether or not they are genuine, using their serial number you can verify their authenticity. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Locate the Serial Number

You will find your AirPod’s serial number printed on its charging case; to locate this serial number follow these steps:

Step 2: Confirm Your Serial Number on Apple’s Website

  • Once you have located the serial number, follow these steps to validate it:

Apple’s Check Coverage website ( lets you enter your AirPod’s serial number for coverage information. Simply use the text field provided.
Click “Continue”. If your AirPods are authentic, a message stating: “We apologize, but this serial number is invalid – please check your information and try again” should appear. For fake AirPods however, a similar error could appear: “This serial number does not belong to an acceptable batch; please review your information and try again”.

Step 3: Verify Results

If, after following these steps and still having any concerns about the authenticity of your AirPods, an Apple Store or authorized service provider can verify their serial number and offer further assistance.


By following these steps, it should be easy for you to quickly verify if your Apple AirPods are genuine or counterfeit. We hope our guide has provided valuable assistance in doing this and welcome any inquiries or concerns about them from you. Feel free to reach out.


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