How to Delete 1800 Contacts Account? read to know more!


1800 Contacts is an online contact lens retailer that allows customers to purchase lenses directly, delivered right to their door. Due to various reasons, users may wish to close down their 1800 Contacts accounts; in this article we’ll demonstrate how.

Reasons to Remove 1800 Contacts Account

Possible motives behind an individual wishing to delete their 1800 Contacts account can include:

  • User no longer requires contact lenses;
  • found an alternative retailer;
  • wants to protect their privacy;
  • receiving too many emails from 1800 Contacts,
  • experiencing technical problems with its website
  • wishes to safeguard privacy by protecting personal data.

How to Delete 1800 Contacts Account

Deleting your 1800 Contacts account is a simple process. Just follow the steps outlined below:

  • Log into your 1800 Contacts account. In the upper-right-hand corner, navigate to “Account,” then “Delete Account.” On this screen you’ll be asked for confirmation that this action should take place; to proceed click “Yes.”
  • Once your account has been deactivated, an email confirmation will be sent out stating this fact. However, please keep in mind that cancelling an account won’t delete the orders placed through 1800 Contacts previously.


Will canceling my 1800 Contacts account delete previous orders I placed with 1800 Contacts?

No, closing out your 1800 Contacts account won’t delete any orders you previously placed through 1800 Contacts.

Once I cancel my 1800 Contacts account, what happens with my personal data?

All personal information will be removed from 1800 Contacts’ system and deleted completely.

When will my 1800 Contacts account be deleted?

As soon as you confirm its deletion, your 1800 Contacts account will be gone forever!


Deleting your 1800 Contacts account is an effortless and quick process – simply follow these steps, and your account will be deleted instantly. Deletion won’t affect any past orders placed with 1800 Contacts!


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