How To Delete Bring A Trailer Account? Read to know more


Are You Tired of Bring a Trailer and Want to Delete Your Account? Whether no longer interested in purchasing or selling classic cars or simply closing your account for whatever other reasons, closing a Bring a Trailer account can be done easily and swiftly – we will walk through each step here so your journey of deletion goes as smoothly as possible!

Why Would You Delet Your Bring A Trailer Account?

Before discussing how to delete your Bring a Trailer account, let’s first review some potential reasons that make sense for doing so. These might include:

No longer interested in purchasing or selling classic cars on Bring a Trailer Either you want a break, are concerned with privacy or data protection concerns – whatever the cause, here are the steps for closing your account and closing out of Bring a Trailer altogether.

How To Delete Bring A Trailer Account

Follow these easy steps to cancel your Bring a Trailer account:

Step One: Log Into Your Bring A Trailer Account

To start off the process of accessing your Bring a Trailer account, login by providing your credentials and clicking “Log In.”

Step 2: Navigating Your Account Settings

To access your account settings, login and click your username at the top-right corner. From the drop-down menu that appears, choose “Account Settings.”

Step 3: Delete Your Account

in Account Settings page, scroll all the way down until you see “Delete Account”, then press on it. Upon doing so, your account will be deleted permanently and once confirmed by clicking a confirmation button you will no longer need your account!

Step 4: Check Your Email

Once your account is deleted, an email from Bring a Trailer confirming this will arrive within two to five working days and should be kept for future reference.


Closing your Bring a Trailer account should be straightforward. By following the steps outlined here, it should be straightforward and painless – though if there are any queries or need support please reach out! If this process leaves any outstanding issues please reach out directly to Bring a Trailer for further help or contact customer support asap.


Can I Reactivate My Bring a Trailer Account After Deleting it

Unfortunately not. Once an account has been deleted it cannot be reinstated.

Will Deleting My Bring a Trailer Account Erase My Bidding History?

No. Deleting an account won’t remove your bidding history but will no longer link your personal data with it.

What will Happen If I Close My Account

Bring a Trailer will permanently delete all your personal data after cancelling your account from its servers.

How soon will my account be deleted?

Your account will be immediately deleted upon confirmation; however, personal data stored by Bring a Trailer could take up to 30 days for removal from its backups.

Can I delete my Bring a Trailer account through the mobile app?

Absolutely; the process for doing this through both methods (website and app) remains unchanged.


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