How To Delete Corrlinks Account? read to know more!


Are you fed up with Corrlinks and looking to delete your account? Perhaps another communication platform meets your needs better or it simply no longer seems necessary; whatever the case, this article will guide you in how to terminate Corrlinks account.

Before we proceed, it’s essential that we remember that deleting your Corrlinks account is irreversible – all your messages and contacts will be permanently lost after you delete your account and cannot be recovered later on. Make sure any important files have been downloaded/saved prior to taking this step.

How To Delete Corrlinks Account:

Now let’s begin the steps necessary to deactivate your Corrlinks account:

  • Log into Your Corrlinks Account

In order to delete your account on Corrlinks, first log-in with your email and password to your Corrlinks account. Once there, navigate directly into it by accessing it via Corrlinks Connect or directly.

  • Click on “Account Management”

Once logged in, click on “Account Management”, located on the top-right corner of your page.

  • Select “Delete Account”

For you to delete an account, navigate down the Account Management page until you reach the “Delete Account” option and click it to continue.

  • Verify Your Decision

A pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm your intention of closing down your account. Click “Yes” in this case to continue the process and close out of it successfully.

  • Provide a reason for deleting your account

Corrlinks will ask for the reason behind your account deletion from its drop-down list of reasons. Simply choose what best applies.

  • Enter Your Password

In order to confirm your decision to delete an account, it’s necessary to enter your password in the designated field.

  • Click on “Delete Account”

Click “Delete Account” Finally, to permanently close out your Corrlinks account click on the “Delete Account” button.

Congratulations on successfully cancelling your Corrlinks account. Please remember it may take up to 24 hours for it to completely disappear from our system.


Deleting your Corrlinks account can be accomplished in just a few steps, although beware: once done, all messages and contacts will be permanently lost forever so be sure you save any important files before doing this step.


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