How to Delete Earthlink Email Account? Get complete info here!


Earthlink email service provider allows you to easily send and receive emails with ease, but there may come a time when no longer need this service and need to delete your Earthlink email account. Here’s a step-by-step guide that should assist with that task:

Log in to your Earthlink email account

To delete an Earthlink email account, first log into it by going to their website and clicking “Webmail” button located near the top right corner. Logging in requires entering both username and password details so as to gain entry.

Go to the Earthlink customer support page

Once logged into your Earthlink email account, head straight for their customer support page by using the link found near the bottom of each page.

Click on the “My Account” button

On the Customer Support Page, there will be several options listed. To gain access to your account settings and adjust them as necessary, select “My Account”.

Select “Cancel Account”

Once on the “My Account” page, there will be several options. Scroll down until you find “Cancel Account”, click it, and continue.

Fill out the cancellation form

To delete your Earthlink email account, a cancellation form will need to be filled out in full with all required details and a reason why. Please complete and submit this form as soon as you’re ready!

Confirm the cancellation

Once you have submitted the cancellation form, the next step will be confirming its cancellation. Please read and agree to all terms and conditions before clicking “Submit” button for final completion of cancellation process.

Verify the cancellation

Once your cancellation request has been accepted by Earthlink, an email with an internal link will arrive with instructions on how to complete its cancellation of your email account. Clicking this verification link confirms it as being truly cancelled.


At its heart, cancelling an Earthlink email account should be an easy process if you follow this guide’s steps carefully. Before cancelling, ensure that any important emails and contacts have been transferred before changing any account info with other services or accounts linked with Earthlink email addresses; doing this may prevent access issues or lost valuable data that might result from losing it altogether. Make sure you also follow-up after cancellation so as to confirm your information has indeed been erased from their servers and deleted completely from all services linked with it.


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