How To Delete Ga Lottery Account? know the all info here!


The Georgia Lottery Corporation, more popularly known as GA Lottery, is a government-operated lottery offering various lottery games and scratch-off tickets to Georgia residents since 1992. Since that time, billions have been raised through GA Lottery sales for various education-based initiatives across Georgia – such as Mega Millions and Powerball! Their commitment to responsible gaming while supporting education initiatives makes the GA Lottery one of the favorite pastimes among Georgians alike.

Step-by-Step Guide on Deleting the Georgia Lottery Account.

If you want to know how to delete your GA Lottery account, this guide is here to assist. Whether it be due to cancelling subscription or simply wish to close old one(s), closing an old GA Lottery account can be accomplished easily with only five simple steps – let us show you!

  • Log in to Your GA Lottery Account: To delete your GA Lottery account, the first step should always be logging into it first. Without access to it, deleting is impossible! Once logged in, navigate to your Account Settings Page; here should be all the options necessary for managing and closing out your account, including how you can delete it altogether.
  • Select the “Delete Account” Option: Once in your account settings page, search for an option called “Delete Account,” usually near the bottom. When found, click it to move forward to Step Two of account deletion.
  • Confirm Your Decision: Once You Make the Decision After selecting “Delete Account,” a confirmation screen will pop-up asking you to verify your decision to permanently delete all of your information from our servers. To proceed with your delete process, if sure, click on the confirmation button before continuing the process.
  • Wait for Confirmation: Once You Confirm, It Will Take A Few Hours After making your decision and providing confirmation that it has been processed, the next step will be waiting for confirmation that your account has indeed been deleted. Depending on its size and volume of requests to process, this could take anywhere from several hours up to several days before taking place.
  • Check Your Email: Once Your Account Has Been deleted, an email should arrive from our team confirming its deletion as well as providing any further assistance necessary. This email should provide confirmation that it has successfully taken effect as well as provide any needed details or additional resources for further consideration.


Deleting your GA Lottery account should be an effortless experience that only takes a few steps to accomplish. By following the guidelines outlined here, deleting your account should become effortless so that you can move onto other things more easily. Should any concerns or inquiries arise regarding this matter, do not hesitate to reach out the GA Lottery team for support and assistance.


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