How to Delete Restore Point in Windows 11 – get complete details


Windows 11 brings with it many exciting new features and improvements over its predecessor, one of the most significant being changes in how restore points are managed. Here we will explain how to delete or restore them on Windows 11.

Before we delve into how to manage restore points, let’s first define what they are. Restore points can be thought of as snapshots of your system at certain moments in time – they are automatically created when installing programs or updating software, enabling you to undo changes should something go wrong and restore points are used as safeguards against unexpected system crashes.

How to Delete Restore Points in Windows 11

Deleting restore points is an essential task that can free up space on your hard drive, here’s how:

Press Windows Key + S to launch the search bar, enter “Create Restore Point,” and press Enter. In System Properties window, to configure System Protection click Configure button; under Disk Space Usage section click Delete option to create restore point.
Select the restore points you’d like to delete, and click “Delete.” Confirm your action by clicking “Continue.” Now that we understand how to delete restore points in Windows 11, let’s discuss restoring them:

Press Windows key+S to launch the search bar, enter “Create Restore Point,” and press Enter. When the System Properties window opens up, click on “System Restore,” followed by “Next,” before choosing which restore point you would like to restore from. In conclusion, press Windows key + S to access this function, create your restore point, select it and press Next once more to complete this procedure.

  • Click “Finish” to restore your system back to that specific point in time.


Maintaining restore points is an integral component of maintaining your system in case something goes wrong, as shown here by Windows 11. We provided step by step instructions on how to delete and restore restore points on Windows 11. Be sure to manage them regularly so you have enough hard disk space on your hard drive for all your restore points.


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