How To Delete Symbolab Account? Things you need to know


Symbolab is an online math solver providing tools and resources for students, teachers, and professionals alike. Established by Ammar and Tarek in 2011, two frustrated students who noted a dearth of quality online resources for mathematical computation; since then Symbolab has grown into a widely utilized platform offering features like equation solving and graphing calculus problems etc.

Symbolab’s mission is to offer accessible, high-quality math education for anyone in need of it. Their platform utilizes cutting edge algorithms which quickly solve math problems quickly and accurately while offering step-by-step explanations so users can fully comprehend why those solutions were reached. Furthermore, practice problems, video tutorials, interactive lessons as well as educational resources designed specifically to develop mathematical capabilities are provided through this resource.

How to delete Symbolab Account?

  • Log Into Your Symbolab Account

In order to delete your Symbolab account, the first step should be logging in. Navigating the homepage, click “Login,” enter your email address and password before hitting “Log In.”

  • Navigating Your Account Settings

After signing in and clicking in the upper-right corner will reveal a drop-down menu containing various choices; select “Account Settings.”

  • Delete your subscription

premium services must first be cancelled from your Symbolab subscriptions page under Account Settings by selecting it, clicking “Cancel Subscription”, and following any subsequent prompts until its cancellation has taken place. To do this, go the Subscriptions Page under Account Settings before clicking your subscription name then “Cancel Subscription”, following any necessary prompts until cancellation complete.

  • Your Personal Info

Next, delete all personal information from your Symbolab account by going into Account Settings > Personal Info section > Click “Delete” next to all desired data entries & follow prompts until deletion completes successfully.

  • Delete your saved items

In order to delete items like equations or graphs stored within your Symbolab account, visit “Saved Items” under Account Settings page and use “Delete” button next each saved item you would like deleted; follow prompts provided during deletion process for completion.

  • Delete your account

To delete your Symbolab account, go to Account Settings then Account Tab then “Account -“. When in “Account”, simply press on “Delete Account – Click Now”, follow any prompts for confirmation before closing all windows and tabs.

  • Contact Symbolab Support

Should any problems arise when trying to delete your Symbolab account, don’t hesitate to get help from their support team by pressing on “Contact Support” on Account Settings page; that way they know who to reach out immediately!

Tips for deleting your Symbolab account

Before closing your account completely, ensure to cancel subscriptions and back up critical data or information as safeguards against unexpected fees or charges in the future. Any outstanding payments must first be resolved to close out your account successfully.

Deleting your Symbolab account is irreversible and should only be undertaken after careful consideration. Should any issues arise regarding its deletion, feel free to reach out for assistance from Symbolab’s support team for help and assistance.


Canceling your Symbolab account can be accomplished quickly and painlessly in just a few steps – whether no longer needing the service, or finding something better elsewhere. Our tips should make the transition smooth, but should any problems arise please reach out to support as they’ll be happy to assist!


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