How to Do Velocity Edit on CapCut – All things you need to know


CapCut has quickly gained in popularity among users due to its user-friendly interface and advanced features, particularly velocity edit. Velocity edit allows you to alter the speed of your video – speeding it up or slowing it down for different effects – using one button.

In this article, we’ll show you how to edit velocity video using CapCut like a pro. Our step-by-step guidance will allow you to produce quality videos with professional-looking video effects that stand out.

Subheading 1: What Is Velocity Edit?

Velocity Edit is an advanced feature of CapCut that enables you to adjust the speed of your video playback, depending on what effect you want to create. By speeding it up or slowing it down, Velocity Edit gives you unprecedented control of its speed; creating dramatic or comedic effects, highlighting certain parts of the video or simply making it fit within a specific time limit.

Subheading 2: How to Create Velocity Edits in CapCut

Step 1: Launch CapCut and import your video file.

Step 2: To edit, right-click your clip and choose the “Speed” option.

Step 3: Set your desired video speed – anywhere between 0.1x to 10x speed is acceptable.

Step 4: View your video after changing its speed to see how this will alter it.

Step 5: Adjust the speed as necessary until you are fully satisfied with the end result.

Subheading 3: Tips for Utilizing Velocity Edit

Tip 1: Use Velocity Edit for dramatic or comedic effects. A faster speed can make your video appear more intense while slower speeds may create an air of drama or comedy.

Tip 2: Velocity Edit is an effective way to emphasize specific parts of your video. By slowing down certain scenes or speeding up others, Velocity Edit allows you to draw attention to specific parts or add excitement by speeding them up or slowing them down accordingly.

Tip 3: Use Velocity Edit to tailor your video for a specific time constraint. If you need to shorten or lengthen it for an exact duration, Velocity Edit is here to help you do just that!


With Velocity edit’s powerful tools and professional tips, creating professional-looking videos on CapCut has never been easier! Thanks to this article’s detailed step-by-step guides and tips, using Velocity Edit like an experienced editor should make your videos stand out and draw in viewers. We hope that this has been both informative and useful, and wish all our video editing readers all the best of success with their editing endeavors.


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