How to Fix a Broken Zipper? All Things you need to know


Zipper malfunctions are often overlooked until they occur. However, there’s no need to panic! Most zipper issues can be rectified with ease. Here are several steps to address the issue:

Apply a Zipper Lubricant

If the zipper is merely stuck, a zipper lubricant can be your solution. This can be procured from most hardware stores. All you need to do is apply a modest amount of this lubricant on the zipper’s teeth and attempt to zip it up again.

Substitute the Zipper Slider

If the zipper slider is the problem, it can generally be replaced. Start by detaching the faulty zipper slider. This can typically be done using a screwdriver to pry it off. Following this, insert the new slider where the old one was.

Stitch the Zipper Shut

If the zipper teeth are damaged, one option is to stitch the zipper shut. Utilize a needle and thread to sew the teeth together. Ensure the zipper is stitched securely to avoid future mishaps.

Exchange the Zipper

If the zipper is irreparable, a replacement may be necessary. This requires removing the old zipper and sewing in a new one. If sewing isn’t your forte, consider taking your piece of clothing to a professional tailor who can handle the zipper replacement.

Here are some additional recommendations when dealing with a faulty zipper:

  • If the zipper is on a frequently worn garment, consider replacing it with a metal zipper. These are sturdier than their plastic counterparts and have a lower likelihood of damage.
  • If you encounter difficulties while trying to replace the zipper yourself, a tailor can be of assistance. They have the skills to replace your zipper swiftly and efficiently.

Fixing a damaged zipper requires a bit of patience and basic tools, but it’s certainly doable. So, don’t discard your cherished jacket or bag due to a faulty zipper. Repair it yourself and save some money in the process!


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