How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp – everything you to need know


WhatsApp has quickly become one of the world’s leading messaging apps, with billions of users worldwide. If you find yourself wondering whether someone has muted you, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to check if someone muted you on WhatsApp.

Before we proceed with any steps, let’s first examine what it means to be muted on WhatsApp. When someone mutes you on WhatsApp, they will no longer receive notifications when someone sends them a message from you; they can still view these messages when they open WhatsApp, however without being disturbed by any notification sounds or vibrations.

Steps to Determine If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp

Check the Last Seen Status – To quickly detect whether someone has muted you, one way is to check their last seen status. If their last seen status is visible, that suggests they haven’t muted you; otherwise it indicates they may have done so.

Send Messages – To confirm whether someone has muted you, one way is to send them a message. If the message arrives successfully, no blocks have been applied, while any notification of a single tick could indicate they have muted you.

Check Message Info – If you are still uncertain, the message info of messages sent to someone may provide some clues as to their whereabouts. A single tick indicates that they received it but it has yet to be delivered – which may be an indicator that they have muted you.

Make a Phone Call – If you’re still unsure, try making a phone call to them. If they answer, that indicates they haven’t blocked you; otherwise if the call doesn’t go through they could have blocked it and could possibly have banned you as well.


Our goal with this article was to offer useful insights on how to detect when someone has muted you on WhatsApp, but that being muted isn’t always personal; people may choose to do it for various reasons and it shouldn’t come as a shock. With any luck, this guide has also given you more knowledge about its functions and how best to utilize them effectively.


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