How to Reset Bumble Swipes – get complete details


At some point, you may find yourself needing to reset your Bumble swipes. Perhaps you’ve gone through too many profiles, or accidentally swiped left on someone you were actually interested in; regardless, we will walk you through this straightforward process in this article.

Before we discuss how to reset your Bumble swipes, it is important to remember that this process will also reset your matches and conversations. When you reset your swipes, all profiles you previously swiped left or right on will no longer show up as options; all matches and conversations will also be removed from your profile as a result of this action. So if you are ready, let’s begin!

Step One: Cancel Your Bumble Account

First step of resetting Bumble swipes: Deleting Your Account. To do this, launch the Bumble app and navigate to “Settings”, where “Delete Account” can be found and followed to confirm its deletion.

Once your account has been deleted, all of its matches, conversations and swipes will no longer be accessible.

Step Two: Create a New Bumble Account

After closing your old account, the next step should be creating a new one. While using your previous email and phone numbers for registration will save time when creating new profiles from scratch,

When creating your new profile, be sure to use different pictures and bios than before – this will ensure that no similar profiles appear again in search results.

Step 3: Set Your Discovery Settings

Once your new account has been set up, the next step should be adjusting the discovery settings. By default, Bumble will show profiles within a certain distance from where you currently are; however, you can change these settings to show profiles from further away.

To customize your discovery settings, navigate to the “Settings” menu and choose “Discovery Preferences.” Here, you can modify age and distance filters as per your liking.

Step 4: Start Swiping Again

Now that you’ve created a new account and adjusted your discovery settings, it’s time to get swiping! Take your time considering each profile before choosing whether to swipe left or right; remembering that once you swipe on someone they won’t appear again on your list!


Resetting Bumble swipes is a straightforward process that simply involves creating a new account and deleting the old one. But remember: doing this may also mean losing all of your current matches and conversations; if this is acceptable to you, resetting can provide an excellent way to begin again and meet new people.

Always act in a courteous and kind manner when using Bumble, and treat others the way you would wish to be treated yourself; you’ll have much higher odds of making meaningful connections this way.


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