How to secure your WhatsApp account? Read Complete Information!


As one of the world’s leading messaging apps, WhatsApp has always prioritized user privacy and security. But with cyber attacks becoming an increasing risk, the app recently unveiled three new security tools designed to safeguard its users against potential hackers. We will discuss each tool here in detail to keep your information secure.

Three New Security Tools

  • Two-Step Verification,
  • Encrypted Cloud Backups
  • Notifications for Users
  • Two-Step Verification

WhatsApp introduced their first new security measure this year with Two-Step Verification, providing another layer of protection when accessing accounts from new devices by requiring you to enter both your phone number and six-digit PIN code when signing on from new ones – providing extra peace of mind against unauthorized access, even if someone else may know your number.

To enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp, head into your Settings, select Account, then Two-Step Verification and create your six-digit PIN and add an email address as additional protection measures.

  • Encrypted Cloud Backups

WhatsApp recently unveiled two additional security measures aimed at protecting all conversations and calls through encryption; now this feature also extends that protection to cloud backups of WhatsApp app – so all chat history, photos, and videos that are stored there will be safe with end-to-end encryption protection.

To enable Encrypted Cloud Backups on your device, it’s necessary to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed and updated. After doing so, navigate to “Settings,” “Chats,” “Backup,” and finally “End-to-End Encryption.” From here you can enable this option and make backups more secure than ever!

  • Security Notifications

WhatsApp recently unveiled another security tool with Security Notifications. This alert notifies you whenever there is any change to a contact’s security code that could compromise their chats, such as someone impersonating them to gain entry – you will then get an alert warning you about this change and any attempts they attempt.

To enable Security Notifications on WhatsApp, navigate to its “Settings” section, choose Account then Security before toggling on “Show Security Notifications.”

Tips for Keeping Your WhatsApp Account Secure

Though these new security tools provide some added protection from potential hackers, there are further measures you can take to enhance the safety of your account and further ensure its protection from attack. Here are a few suggestions:

Always choose a strong and unique password for your WhatsApp account.
never share sensitive personal or financial data with people you don’t trust, such as strangers; only accept messages and calls from contacts you know well.
always remain wary when receiving suspicious or potentially harmful links even from people whom you do know well.

Apply app locks or use your device’s built-in security features to secure your WhatsApp account against unauthorise access.


WhatsApp has made significant strides toward protecting user privacy and security with their new security tools – Two-Step Verification, Encrypted Cloud Backups, and Security Notifications are three such mechanisms designed to keep personal data protected against potential hacker threats while leaving messaging experience worry free for you and all those whom depend upon WhatsApp accounts for communication purposes. By following tips in this article you can further increase WhatsApp account security so as to enjoy worry-free communication experiences!


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