How to solve Netflix Error Code S7361-1253? Get complete info!


What Does Netflix Error Code S7361-1253 Mean?

Netflix is an immensely popular online streaming service offering TV shows, movies, documentaries and other media to its members. But sometimes users experience issues while using it; one such error code being S7361-1253 which affects many Netflix accounts at once.

Netflix Error Code S7361-1253 typically occurs due to issues in your browser when trying to stream Netflix content, and may include outdated browser versions, corrupt cache storage space or incompatible extensions.

How Can You Fix Netflix Error Code S7361-1253?

If you are experiencing Netflix Error Code S7361-1253, here are several strategies you can employ to correct the problem:

  • Clear Your Cache and Cookies: As soon as you experience an issue, first attempt to clear out your browser cache and cookies to remove any corrupted information that might be contributing to an error message. For this, navigate into your browser settings and choose “Clear Browsing Data.”
  • Disable Browser Extensions: Additionally, browser extensions may interfere with Netflix streaming and lead to errors like S7361-1253. Try disabling any extensions installed to see if it helps fix this error message.
  • Update Your Browser: An out of date browser version may also lead to S7361-1253 errors; therefore it is advisable that all updates and patches for it are installed immediately.
  • Reboot Your Computer: Sometimes just restarting your computer can solve an error; try rebooting to see if that resolves it.
  • Switch Browser: If the error persists, using another browser to stream Netflix content could help determine if it’s specific to that browser or not.


In this article, we have presented some effective solutions to fix Netflix Error Code S7361-1253 and offered you guidance for doing so. By taking these steps and following them as instructed above, it should become possible for you to stream all your desired content without experiencing any interruptions from it.


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