How to Uninstall PTR Overwatch? know the all info here!


Are You Uninstalling PTR Overwatch from Your PC? Below are three straightforward steps you can take. The PTR, short for Public Test Realm, allows players to test out features before their release in live Overwatch game; but once testing has ended, uninstalling may free up space or reduce confusion with live version; so follow along in this article as we cover how to uninstall PTR From Computer.

What Is PTR Overwatch?

PTR stands for Public Test Realm Overwatch and refers to a separate version of Overwatch that allows players to test new features and updates before being released in live mode – giving feedback and helping the developers improve it before it goes public. Once testing period ends, players may wish to uninstall PTR to free up space or avoid confusion between versions.

How can I uninstall PTR Overwatch?

Uninstalling PTR Overwatch can be completed quickly and effortlessly in just a few steps, as described here:

  • Close the Game: Before uninstalling PTR Overwatch, ensure it has been closed completely and not running in the background.
  • Launch Desktop App: PTR Overwatch can only be uninstalled through Desktop App, so if it is installed it must also be opened for uninstallation purposes. If it has yet to be downloaded you may do so from Blizzard’s official website.
  • Navigate to the PTR Overwatch Tab: Once the desktop app is open, navigate directly to the PTR Overwatch tab by selecting it under Games at the top. It should then show as “PTR Overwatch”.
  • Click “Uninstall”: When on the PTR Overwatch tab, look out for an “Uninstall” button – clicking this will initiate the uninstallation process.
  • Follow the Prompts: The desktop app will guide you through the uninstallation process with a series of prompts; just follow these to uninstall PTR Overwatch from your computer.
  • After uninstalling is complete, any leftover files related to PTR Overwatch that remain may need to be manually deleted from your hard drive by you or someone else. These could include game data files like save data or configuration files – these could typically be found either within its installation directory or your user folder.


Uninstalling PTR Overwatch can be easily completed using the launcher. Once uninstalling, check for any residual files and delete its shortcut to avoid confusion with live game files; final verification ensures any modifications made during PTR testing have been restored back into live gameplay.


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