How to Use Minecraft End Gateway Finder – All things you need to know


Are You Exploring Minecraft’s Vast World with the End Gateway Finder? This tool helps players locate portals leading to other dimensions – such as Outer Islands. However, using it correctly may prove challenging if unfamiliar with its technical aspects. Here we cover everything necessary for using the Minecraft End Gateway Finder successfully.

What Is the Minecraft End Gateway Finder?

The Minecraft End Gateway Finder is an innovative device designed to assist players in finding End Gateway portals in Minecraft. These special gateways appear after defeating Ender Dragon in the End dimension, appearing like circular bedrock frames with swirling purple vortexes inside them that teleport players directly into another dimension such as Outer Islands or random areas in Overworld. When entering one, players will instantly teleport back out again!

The End Gateway Finder works by detecting End Gateways within your game world, and showing their direction and distance from you. When used, this can help when searching for rare resources only available on Outer Islands.

How to Build a Minecraft End Gateway Finder

In order to construct your own End Gateway Finder in Minecraft, you’ll need a few materials and follow these steps:

Create an Eye of Ender: Combine Blaze Powder and an Ender Pearl on a crafting table. Craft a Comparator: For this step, mix three Stone, one Redstone Torch, and three Redstone Dust in a crafting table.

Craft a Clock: Combine four Gold Ingots and one Redstone Dust on a crafting table to form a clock. Craft a Map: For this, surround one piece of Paper with eight other pieces on a crafting table to form a map.

Craft the End Gateway Finder using an Eye of Ender, Comparator, Clock and Map on a crafting table to locate End Gateway portals in game world. Once created, use this End Gateway Finder to track them down!

How to Use the Minecraft End Gateway Finder

  • In order to use the Minecraft End Gateway Finder successfully, follow these steps:

Take the End Gateway Finder in your hand and right-click to activate it. When activated, the Finder will display directions and distance to the nearest End Gateway portal based on what it indicates by right-clicking its right button. Consequently, simply follow its indication until reaching it!

Enter a portal to travel into another dimension.

Note that the End Gateway Finder only detects portals created within the game world – if you have explored an area, and one hasn’t generated yet, the Finder won’t be able to detect it.


Utilizing the Minecraft End Gateway Finder can be an invaluable way of exploring more of Minecraft’s vast world and uncovering rare resources. But to use it effectively, you need to know both how to construct it and use it effectively – with this guide providing all the information you’ll need, hopefully starting using your Finder soon will become second nature – happy adventuring!


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