Instagram Now Lets You Bookmark Posts with Friends all things you need to know


Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, boasting over one billion monthly active users. It has become an invaluable tool for both businesses and individuals due to its ability to connect people around the world. Instagram continues to improve user experience with new features like bookmarking posts with friends and storing them in a dedicated space – something we will explore in this article.

How Does This Work?

Instagram’s new feature allows users to create a private collection of saved posts that they can share with specific friends or groups. This function works similarly to the existing saved post feature but adds the ability to collaborate. To use it, users simply tap the bookmark icon under a post they want saved and select “Add to Collection.” From there they can create a new collection and choose which friends to invite; alternatively they can add the saved post into an existing collection and invite people directly. With this feature it becomes easier than ever for users to curate content they love while creating community bonds!

Benefits of Utilizing This Feature

Utilizing this feature offers several advantages.

Instagram’s new feature to bookmark posts with friends offers several advantages. Users can share their interests and passions with those closest to them, creating collections around specific themes like travel, food, fashion and more that they can share with similar-minded individuals. Businesses too can benefit from this feature as it allows them to curate content related to their brand and share it with followers – increasing engagement and brand loyalty in the process!

Another advantage of this feature is that it makes it simpler for users to discover new content. They can browse their friends’ collections to uncover accounts to follow and posts to engage with, increasing exposure for smaller accounts while creating a sense of community among users.

Tips for Making the Most of This Feature

To maximize the potential of Instagram’s new feature to bookmark posts with friends, users should take note of these tips:

Select the Right Friends to Share Collections With Users should select friends who share similar interests and are likely to engage with the content. Doing this helps build a sense of community and boost engagement rates.

Create collections around specific themes. Users should consider creating collections around topics like travel, food, or fashion to make it easier for users to locate content they are interested in and increase engagement.

Businesses should consider curating content related to their brand and sharing it with followers. Doing so can increase engagement and build loyalty for the brand.

Engage with Friends’ Collections. Users should engage with their friends’ collections by liking and commenting on posts, which will increase engagement and foster a sense of community.


Instagram’s new feature to bookmark posts with friends and store them in a dedicated space is revolutionary for users and businesses alike. It allows people to curate content they enjoy sharing with family, creating an emotional connection and increasing engagement. Businesses too can benefit from this feature by curating content related to their brand and sharing it with followers. By following the tips outlined in this article, users can take full advantage of this exciting new capability on Instagram while enhancing their experience overall.


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