Ja Morant suspended After Flashes Gun on Instagram Video : know the all facts here!


Memphis Grizzlies’ dynamo, Ja Morant, may face a suspension following a recent Instagram live video where he was seen brandishing a firearm.

The video, dated May 13, featured Morant in a car with a group of friends, waving a gun and syncing to a song.

In response to the incident, the Grizzlies announced that Morant will be “disallowed from participating in any team-related activities until the League completes its review.”

Though the NBA has yet to declare a suspension for Morant, it is widely believed to be forthcoming and possibly harsh.

Morant’s Double Whammy in 2023

This incident marks Morant’s second brush with suspension this year. He was previously suspended for one game in March for displaying a gun during a post-match interview.

Morant expressed regret for his behavior, admitting that he was “not thinking clearly” at the time.

However, this most recent suspension is likely to carry more weight. The NBA has a strict stance against gun violence, and Morant’s actions are potentially in violation of this policy.

Implications for Morant and the Grizzlies

Morant’s suspension is a significant setback for the Grizzlies. As their leading player, his absence for a considerable part of the 2023-24 season will be keenly felt.

The Grizzlies, who are eyeing a deep playoff run this year, will undoubtedly find their path more challenging without Morant.

Moreover, Morant may also be slapped with a hefty fine by the NBA, potentially amounting to millions of dollars.

Morant’s Remorse

Morant turned to Twitter to express his regret over his conduct.

“I want to offer my sincere apologies for my recent actions,” he posted. “I understand that I am a role model and I take that responsibility to heart. I made an error and I will learn from it.”

In his statement, Morant also pledged to utilize his platform to advocate for gun safety.

“I aim to use my influence to discuss gun safety,” he added. “I acknowledge the potential dangers of guns, but also their potential for good. I hope to guide people on the correct and safe usage of firearms.”

Lessons from the Incident

Several lessons can be gleaned from Morant’s recent missteps.

Firstly, even top-tier athletes can stumble. Morant is a young man who is still maturing. Though he made a blunder, he is accepting responsibility and seeking to learn from it.

Secondly, the incident underscores the grave issue of gun violence. Morant’s actions were not just reckless, but potentially hazardous. There is an urgent need to ramp up education around gun safety and the prevention of gun violence.

Lastly, it is a reminder of the responsibility athletes bear to use their platform constructively. Morant’s decision to speak about gun safety sets a positive precedent. More athletes should be encouraged to leverage their platforms to instigate positive change.

A Deeper Dive into Morant’s Suspension

The NBA has yet to disclose the duration of Morant’s suspension, but it is speculated to be severe. Some conjecture it could last up to 25 games.

Given the NBA’s stern policy against gun violence, Morant’s actions are likely seen as a breach of this policy. In the past, the NBA has doled out suspensions ranging from one game to more for gun-related incidents.

Factors like the severity of the incident, Morant’s previous record, and his cooperation with the NBA’s investigation will probably influence the length of his suspension.

Grizzlies’ Course Without Morant

Without Morant, the Grizzlies face a challenging road ahead. As their star player and leader, his absence for a large part of the 2023-24 season will significantly impact the team’s performance.

Their aspirations for a deep playoff run this year are now more complicated to achieve without Morant’s contribution on the court. In his absence, it will be crucial for other players to step up and fill the void.

Despite boasting a young and talented roster, the Grizzlies are still a work in progress. They will need to leverage their collective strength and team chemistry to navigate through Morant’s suspension period.

Expectations from Ja Morant Post-Suspension

Having expressed remorse for his actions, Morant has committed to learning from his mistake and to using his platform to promote gun safety.

As a young individual still maturing, he has acknowledged his mistake, taken responsibility, and is learning from it. He is also leveraging his influence to promote a positive change.

Post-suspension, we can expect a more evolved Ja Morant, both as a player and a person. Having learned from his error, he is dedicated to making a positive impact on society.


While Ja Morant’s suspension is a grave matter, it also presents an opportunity for him to learn and grow. He has expressed regret for his actions and committed to using his platform constructively. Post-suspension, we can anticipate a more mature and responsible Ja Morant, both on and off the court.


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