Seven Sirius Benjamin: Explore Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Family, Career, Net Worth, and Much More


Seven Sirius Benjamin is an accomplished musician, actor and artist from New York City who has made quite the name for themselves in alternative hip hop circles. We will examine Seven’s life – his early years, career path, personal experiences and so much more in this article!

Early Life and Education

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born in New York City, raised by artists – his father being a musician and mother being visual artist; these experiences allowed Seven to pursue both art and music from an early age, shaping his creativity at every opportunity.

Benjamin studied music and theater at a performing arts high school. As an outstanding student in both areas, Benjamin excelled at school. Following graduation he decided to pursue music professionally as his career.


Seven Sirius Benjamin began his music career by releasing “Saturn”, his debut album. This release earned critical acclaim and helped cement Benjamin as an emerging star within the music industry. Since then, Benjamin has released more music while cultivating an enthusiastic following of Astronomers that follow him across social media and the music world.

Benjamin has excelled in more areas of entertainment besides music. He has appeared in multiple films and television shows including Atlanta and American Vandal; additionally he has worked on art projects featured by galleries around the nation.

Personal Life

Seven Sirius Benjamin is known to keep his personal affairs under wraps, though speculation abounds that he may be dating someone in the entertainment industry. Benjamin does have one child whom he keeps out of public view.

Height, Weight and Body

Seven Sirius Benjamin stands approximately six feet tall and weighs around 165 pounds. He boasts an athletic build and is known for his fashionable sense of style.

What is Benjamin Net Worth?

Seven Sirius Benjamin does not disclose an exact estimate for his net worth; it has been estimated at approximately $500,000. Benjamin makes money through music performances, acting roles and various artistic endeavors.

Seven Sirius Benjamin is active on Instagram with over 100,000 followers, where he provides updates about his music career and personal life as well as other creative projects – using this platform for updates from both sides.

Controversies and Scandals

Seven Sirius Benjamin has managed to avoid major scandals or controversies during his career; however, some individuals have voiced criticism against his unconventional style and contentious lyrics.

At such an early stage in his musical career, Seven Sirius Benjamin has already established an impactful legacy within the music world. Acclaimed for his distinctive sound that incorporates elements of jazz, soul and experimental hip hop music styles; Seven’s songs often address identity-based topics as well as themes related to mental illness and spirituality.

Benjamin has left an indelible mark on the art world as well. His collaborations have included several artists and galleries throughout the US have displayed his pieces. Much like his music, Benjamin’s art explores similar topics while known for using bright hues and abstract forms.


Seven Sirius Benjamin is an extraordinary multi-talented artist renowned for making an indelible mark in both music and art, garnering immense acclaim among both industries and audiences alike. With his distinct sound and style having garnered him an avid following of fans worldwide, and continuing to push creative limits through music videos, acting performances, art projects and much more!


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