What are Animoji? did you know how to create Apple’s animated emoji


Animoji are an enjoyable and creative way to add some flair and animation to your messages. First introduced with Apple’s introduction of iPhone X in 2017, these animated emoji can bring some added personality and fun. Utilizing Apple’s TrueDepth camera and tracking your facial movements in real-time, these interactive avatars allow users to create animated versions of popular characters such as animals or themselves with ease.

Are You New to Animoji or Want to Explore Further? This guide is here for you if that’s the case – from creating and sending out custom Animoji, we have everything covered here!

What Are Animoji?

An animated emoji created using TrueDepth camera on iPhone/iPad to track facial movement in real-time is known as an “animoji.” You can create these personalized animated avatars using any number of popular emoji characters, animals or your very own Memoji avatar!

How are Animoji Created?

Primari Animoji are created using Apple’s TrueDepth camera technology found on iPhone X and later models as well as iPad Pro and the new iPod touch. The TrueDepth camera combines infrared projectors and dot projectors to generate an accurate 3D representation of an individual user’s face for tracking facial expressions and movements with great precision.

To utilize Animoji, open up the Messages app and create or open an existing conversation. Tap the App Store icon next to the text input field, and choose from an assortment of animated emoji characters ranging from animals, robots and even popular faces emoji faces – there’s sure to be one or more that strikes your fancy!

Once you’ve selected an Animoji character, you can customize its features by altering its expressions, accessorizing with accessories like hats and glasses, or altering its background. To record an Animoji message using facial expressions while speaking into its microphone – an Animoji will mimic those movements while recording both your facial features as well as voice.

Once your recording your Animoji message, you can preview and send it as you would any text. Furthermore, save or share it through social media for extra flexibility and fun!

Animoji are an entertaining way to personalize messages sent through Apple devices, offering yet another creative feature to bring conversations alive with a splash of personality and fun! By adding these fun icons into conversations and messages, Animoji give your conversations some extra charm and flair!

Features of Animoji:

Here are a few key Features of an Animoji:

Apple devices feature exclusive access to Animoji technology. On devices like the iPhone X and later, iPad Pro, and iPod touch models with TrueDepth cameras installed, these special animations track your facial movements for realistic animations that come alive before your very eyes!

Customizable Animoji can be customized with various expressions, movements and backgrounds for messaging apps like iMessage. Avatars may be sent as either still images, video footages or GIF animations.

How to Create an Animoji

Making your own Animoji can be easy and fun – here is how you can do it:

  • Use the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad and tap on the App Store icon next to the text field, followed by tapping Animoji button (it looks like a monkey face). Choose which Animoji character you would like by swiping left or right to select them.
  • Look into the TrueDepth camera and make the facial expression you would like. Tap the red record button to start recording your Animoji; once recording has concluded, use the blue stop button and tap “stop recording”. Now your creation can be shared as still image, video or GIF!

How to use Animoji in iMessage

Once your Animoji has been created, share it with family and friends via iMessage! Here’s how:

  • Start or continue an existing conversation using your iPhone or iPad’s Messages app by opening either of them, selecting any desired text field and tapping either “New Message,” “App Store Icon”, “Animoji Button” and/or dragging and dropping an Animoji into it into message field.
  • Now you can send your Animoji as still images, videos, or GIFs!
  • Customize an Animoji Personalizing Animoji characters can be both enjoyable and straightforward – here’s how:
  • Launch the Messages app and create a new conversation or add to an ongoing one.
  • Touching the App Store icon next to the text input field and choosing “Animojis” as you click through will display them for use as emoticons in text fields.
  • Select an Animoji character you would like to modify, and customize its characteristics as desired.
  • Touching on the three dot icon next to an Animoji character and selecting “Edit”.

How to customize Animoji

After creating your Animoji character, there are various ways you can personalize them to meet your preferences. Here are just a few:

  • Change Expressions: You can modify an Animoji character’s expression simply by tapping its face icon and choosing from a list of expressions available from within its menu.
  • Accessories can be added by tapping the accessory icon and choosing from among hats, glasses and earrings available to add them to your look.
  • Change Your Background: To customize the background behind an Animoji character, touch its background icon and choose from its menu of available backgrounds.
  • Save Your Customized Animoji: Once your customized Animoji character has reached perfection, tap “Done” to save it and lock its image for future use.
  • To use your customized Animoji in an email message, select it from the list and record. Your personalized Animoji character will automatically appear during recording.
  • Customizing Animoji can add extra personality and creativity to your messages, making them even more fun and creative. From changing expressions, accessories, backgrounds and background textures – there is so much potential! So why not give customizing an Animoji today and see what masterpiece you can come up with?

Tips and tricks for using Animoji

Below are a few pointers and techniques for making the best out of your Animoji experience:

Use Animoji to add personality and creativity to your messages. Experiment with different expressions and movements – there’s plenty of customization potential with Animoji so don’t be intimidated into trying something different!

Have fun! Animoji are intended as an engaging and humorous form of communication; don’t take their usage too seriously.


Animoji are an exciting and imaginative way to add extra personality and fun to your communications. Create animated versions of popular emoji characters, animals and yourself quickly and effortlessly; there are endless customization possibilities! So give Animoji a try now to give your messages some added charm!


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